Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What Sport Should Be Included In The Olympics

I think Cheerleading should be included in the Olympics. It is one of the most competitive and athletic sports I've seen. I'm a cheerleader and it's frustrating how many people dismiss it as a sport when I know how difficult it really is. Putting it in the Olympics will give Cheerleading the recognition it deserves and also make the Olympics a lot more interesting. Not only is it nerve wracking waiting to find out who has won but it's also exhilarating watching the amazing tumble passes and crazy stunts. It's also a lot better to watch than many other sports like dressage, rhythmic gymnastics and shooting.

If Cheerleading was in the Olympics cheerleaders would have a lot more to strive for. It would also make people take the sport seriously. Right now people think the sport is just for girls and gay guys who dance around in skirts although it is a lot more than that. Making it an Olympic sport would prove everyone who doesn't consider it a sport wrong. Cheerleaders put in so much effort and they deserve to be able to compete in the Olympics.

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